About company

The group of the security organizations “Tsenturion” performs the activities since 2004 and before that time successfully carries out the tasks on protection of all patterns of ownership of physical people and legal entities, ensuring public order when holding cultural and sports and mass actions.
In security company more than 120 employees constantly work having licenses for the right of implementation of private security activities. All of them have fixed training and quarterly check on professional suitability on implementation of private security activities which include general and special legal preparation, physical training, knowledge of bases of the first pre-medical aid.Mobile “Rapid Response Team (RRT)” is created for the solution of tasks of security activities, from the most trained employees. The main part of employees has a work experience in law enforcement agencies and law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation.

The control room of security company (the operations duty officer, the operator and the engineer) serves in the round-the-clock mode:

exercises constant control behind actual state of the protected objects by means of the panel of centralized observation (PCO);
quickly manages and controls work of the mobile rapid response teams (RRT);

For the period of accomplishment of professional obligations the staff of the entity receives office weapon: IZh-71, MR-80, PSBOC (portable short-barreled office carbine), are provided with special means and means of an individual armored protection.

The security company takes part in ensuring protection of public order together with police officers in the city and the area carrying out sports and cultural events: The Youth Day, the City Day, New year, etc., and also ensures safety holding exhibitions, presentations, conferences and seminars, has a work experience in large shopping centers and network supermarkets.

The group of the security organizations “Tsenturion” is a part of interregional association of veterans of criminal militia “Opera” (MABKM “Opera”) that allows to resolve the tactical and strategic issues connected with implementation by security and detective activities both in the territory of the Vladimir region, and at the interregional level.

The group of the security organizations “Tsenturion” is a full member of “Non-profit partnership of security and detective structures of the Vladimir region “Protection and safety” which offers for residents and area a number of special projects: “The safe yard” (installation of devices of video fixing in entrances of houses and in the adjacent domestic territories) and “Safety on transport”

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